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Cargo Optimizer for iPhone

Cargo Optimizer for iPhone



First container loading and pallet loading on iPhone (support to single size of cargo per loading). You have found the easiest container/pallet loading optimization application. Simulate loading your cargo in minutes, not hours or days! Maximize your shipping with boxes and container/truck/pallet and save money and time. General information 1. Support for both Imperial (inch/lbs) and Metric (cm./kgs.) 2. Support for loading Cargo>Pallet, Cargo >Container and Pallet>Container Cargo detail 1. User can define cargo type between box or pallet 2. User can define Cargo SKU 3. User can define Cargo length, width and height 4. User can define Cargo weight 5. User can define pack (number of product in package) 6. User can define max stack (number of layer of cargo place on itself) 7. User can define unit price and currency 8. User can define pallet height (for pallet cargo) Container/Pallet detail 1. User can define container type between Container or pallet 2. User can choose standard container/pallet type 3. User can define custom container/pallet detail 4. User can define container/pallet length, width and height (max height) 5. User can define container/pallet maximum weight capacity 6. User can define pallet height (for pallet type) 7. User can define freight. Calculation 1. User can allow/not allow overhang loading 2. Support to interlock / pinwheel load pattern 3. Limit cargo to container weight capacity View option 1. Display loading in 3D view 2. User can rotate to any view (360 degree) by use gesture control 3. Display mode between BW/Color/Real 4. Loading step control (automatic/manual) Report option 1. User can share with standard share data of platform (save/share/email etc.) 2. Load summary report 3. Load plan with 1/6 step(s) per page. Load result 1. Show all necessary information - Number of loaded cargo - Number of loaded product (loaded cargo x pack) - Total loaded value (loaded cargo x pack x unit price) - Freight per product - Percentage of volume efficiency - Percentage of weight efficiency - Total loaded volumn - Total loaded weight 2. list of top loading pattern with option to choose any load pattern 3. Loading step will all neccesary data