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Marker Pen

Marker Pen



This app is a menu bar app. This app draws on screen. You can draw over and above any app or page. This app will be useful for online teaching,Making video tutorials,Highlighting phrases,Drawing on presentation slides, etc. • Click 'Screen Marker On':- Ready to Draw.You can not access other apps or folders.Only drawing is allowed. • Click 'Screen Marker Off':- Drawing mode off.You can access other apps or folders.Alternatively, you can click menu bar also. • Click 'Undo':- erase last drawn item/object. • Click 'Redo':- redo last undo action • Click 'Erase All':- Erase all drawn items/objects. • Click 'Show Properties':- Opens properties window.Pen thickness , Colour &Type can be changed.Free Hand drawing,Straight lines,Arrows,Oval and Rectangle are the available drawing Types. • Click 'Save Screenshot':-Takes a screenshot.You will be asked to pick a location to save this screenshot. • Click 'Screen Rec START':-Starts video recording of the screen as you draw. First, you will be asked to pick a location to save this video. • Click 'Add To PDF':-The current screen is added to a temporary pdf document as a page • Click 'Save PDF':-After adding multiple pages to pdf, you can save the temporary pdf document. Note:This app does not do Annotation of PDF.You can draw on the screen and take a screenshot or video.