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  • Categoria: Health & Fitness
  • Prima Release: 2017-05-03
  • Versione: 3.2.16
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Dimensioni: 160.51 MB
  • Sviluppatore: SEEKRTECH CO., LTD.
  • Compatibile: Richiede iOS 10.0 o versioni successive.
  • 2,29 € Download
Score: 4.26667
From 45 Ratings


## A fun and simple way to develop healthy sleep habits ##【New Features and Updates】Apart from building alone, you can now build with family and friends by reaching the same sleep goals together! Make it fun to build healthy sleep habits, invite your friends and family to join the SleepTown circle now! Developed by SeekrTech, the creator of Forest app which has more than 25 million users around the globe. Study hard in the morning, put down your phone and sleep well at night! SleepTown is an incredible app that helps you attain a healthy, regular sleep schedule. Construct amazing buildings just by achieving your bedtime and wake-up goals every day. Put down your smartphone before going to bed and build your own town while you sleep. Do you often stay up late scrolling on your phones? Hit the snooze button until you're late? If you have trouble putting your phone down at bedtime, or if you suffer from insomnia and want to attain a healthy, regular sleep schedule, SleepTown is the solution for you! How it works: 3 steps to a healthy sleep schedule 1) Set your own challenging bedtime and wake-up goal. 2) Open the SleepTown app before your bedtime goal and start constructing a building. 3) Wake up before your wake-up goal, shake your phone to clear your mind, and see which building you got. Every morning the building is a surprise that will motivate you to wake up! Repeat these steps every day to maintain a regular sleep cycle and create a lovely "SleepTown"! SleepTown Can Help You: • Beat your phone addiction and get more sleep • Maintain regular sleep hours between 4-10 hours a day • Construct amazing buildings by achieving your bedtime and wake-up goals • Wake up to a reward every day - your new building! • If you don't go to bed at your bedtime goal, you cannot construct a building • If you use your phone during your sleeping time, your building under construction will be destroyed • View your "SleepTown" and all your sleep statistics in the town page • Night shift mode helps reduce blue light • You can also join a circle with family and friends and set the same sleep goals. Build healthy sleep habits together and contribute energy to construct the wonders of the world! Construct Your Own Town: • Over 70 types of unique buildings available • Spend your earned coins to unlock new buildings • Earn revenue after each successful construction • Earn extra revenue from consecutive successful days • Design your own town with land, buildings, and decorations • Apply special themes on holidays to decorate your SleepTown • Elaborately designed wonders of the world make your town spectacular! Customize Your Sleeping Schedule: • Set up to two days off in a week: failing on your "day-off" won't end your streak, so relax and take a break! • Reset bedtime & wake-up time goals anytime • Set up a bedtime reminder and alarm clock • Adjust the volume and sound of your alarm • Adjust "shake your phone" challenge to wake you up easily in the morning Other features: • Earn rewards for your first successful building and for inviting a friend • Unlock achievements and earn extra rewards • Create an account to back up your data (all your sleeping stats and lovely buildings!) • Sync your sleep data to Apple's HealthKit Go to sleep on time, and start building your own "SleepTown" tonight! Notice: SleepTown is an app available for both iPhone and iPad. Once purchased it can be restored on other iOS devices. To download a non-iOS version of SleepTown, a separate purchase is required. However, by logging into the same registered account, the account data can be synchronized across different platforms and devices. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SleepTownApp Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sleeptownapp Follow us on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/sleeptownapp/ Find out more on https://sleeptown.seekrtech.com! Privacy Policy:https://sleeptown.seekrtech.com/privacy/ Sound Design:Shi Kuang Lee



  • Cute

    Di 01💕
    Love it
  • Super

    Di AlexKing2019
    I love that
  • Carina

    Di Giaki98
    L’idea di fondo è interessante, l’unica pecca è il fatto che cambiando gli obiettivi si resettano i traguardi per avere un edificio particolare e per me che, a seconda dei giorni, ho obiettivi di sonno diversi è un problema. Ho dovuto abbassare il giudizio inoltre perché riscontro un problema con la sveglia che non suona. Ho contattato i gestori dell’app che confermano il problema e mi hanno consigliato di tenere una sveglia direttamente nel cellulare per sicurezza. Metterò nuovamente quattro stelle quando tutto tornerà a posto.
  • It’s in chinese...

    Di Briøx
    I’m italian but the standard language is chinese, I can’t understand a single word and for this reason I can’t even change the language in the settings, if that is even an option... EDIT: I’ve been able to find the way to change the language but it took like and hour... Good app, maybe not worth it €2,29 but I need it and want to try it out.
  • Great app

    Di pirots98
    I love this app. The way it’s conceptualized really has an impact on your habits. There’s one adjustments that I would make: the possibility to cancel your sleep session if you tap on “sleep” by mistake. It happened to me and once it starts there’s no way to stop it from the app. Another feature that would make it the most complete sleeping app is adding a tracking and a smart alarm, if you use a smart alarm already this app will be a good companion, but not a complete substitute. Anyways I’m in love with this app and I think it’s absolutely worth it.
  • Very useful but it has limitations

    Di manuelewqlfjs
    I’m finding this app very useful for adjusting my sleep hygiene. However, I find a bit annoying the fact that there is a 10 hours limitation. I’m using this app also to put away my smartphone a few hours before going to bed, in order to sleep better. However, with a 10 hours limitation, I am never able to build new buildings, even if I’m sleeping 8 hours. I know you put this limitation in good faith, but it limits users’ esperiences. Please remove it or at least extend the hours limitation a bit more. After that, the app will be perfect!
  • Love it

    Di Mundoquecon
    It is very easy to use. It kinda gives you an extra motivation to go to bed early
  • Perfetta!!!

    Di Reality96
    L’applicazione é fantastica. Funziona per d’avvero. Ero scettico all’inizio ma ti motiva ad alzarti presto e ad andare a letto all’ora programmata. Inoltre la grafica è meravigliosa.
  • Good app but need improvements!

    Di Dascavi
    The app is very well done, and help to keep good sleep habits. One or two key features are missing: the possibility to shutdown the phone during the night instead to keep the app running and an Apple Watch app that could be resolve the first tip and in the meantime analyse your sleep. Please add them! 😊 For the moment is only a 3 stars.
  • Manca ancora qualcosa per essere completa

    Di Marco Zeta
    L’app fa molto bene quello per cui è stata creata e la grafica è molto curata, semplice, bella direi. Manca il supporto alla lingua italiana ( ma si può tranquillamente utilizzare). Dato il prezzo un po’ alto, sarebbe completa se si potesse avere anche lo sfondo ( animato ) sul telefono.