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Parents Bedtime Stories

Parents Bedtime Stories



Audio bedtime stories – this is a good solution for modern parents. Because you do not always have the strength to read bedtime tales to your boy or girl. Your salvation in such moments are the children's audio tales (in this case audio bedtime stories). A great option is to listen to the work (this can be done on the way to or from work), and then in your own words to tell the child. Believe me, it will be much more interesting, and such moments will be remembered him for life. The tale is a fantasy story, the kind of story that keeps the magic. Magic is able to surprise each child. After all, every fairy tale, opens for the child the whole world. Bedtime stories for everyone. These short stories will help you or your children go to bed. A great resource for parents, babysitters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or anyone who is the fan of classical bedtime stories. These stories is a fun way to pass time and learn moral values which will make you a better person. Many new stories will be added soon. The app contains some of the best classical bedtime stories, which they can read or parents can read the stories to them before bed. Our goal is to help you develop a strong bond and telling bedtime stories is one of the oldest and most effective way. Either you are traveling, getting bored in the office or not able to sleep in the night, these short stories will definitaely help you pass the time. Read the best short stories with a great User Interface NOW. Get Offline Bedtime Stories for Your Children. Your will love these bedtime stories. We list some of the most popular fantacy, Classical and moral stories, adorning them with pictures. We will update the stories from time to time. Thank you for downloading. Hope you like this app. Don't forget to rate us. We would appreciate to have your feedback.