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Di xudong he

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  • Prima Release: 2018-11-07
  • Versione: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Dimensioni: 195.19 MB
  • Sviluppatore: xudong he
  • Compatibile: Richiede iOS 7.0 o versioni successive.
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中学英语学习机-仁爱版初中英语九年级上下册,学霸必备神器。 本APP专为《北京仁爱版初中英语九年级》特地打造的教材学习工具,一本能随身携带的智能电子课本,与教材完全一致,使用iPhone或iPad就可随时随地学习。 英才系列,易学易用,方便快捷。涵盖课本全部内容,包括全部课程对话、阅读、活动任务、听说读写练习等。 教材体现英语课程标准。各模块由单元、话题、功能、任务组成。语言地道,好教易学! 快乐家族,陪你一起快乐学习,伴你度过快乐童年! ***内置英语词典*** 应用中内置英语词典,即查即用,检索方便。收词约20.000余条。 提供音标、发音、词性、释义、用法、搭配、同(近)义词等。内容丰富,功能齐备。 以便学习者遇到生词时随时可查,同时正确地理解每个单词和词组的含义,又能准确地运用这些词汇和短语。 功能特色: ■同步教材制作,内容完全一致。 ■界面美观简洁,操作方便直观。 ■中英文双语显示,有声同步字幕。 ■纯正发音,口语流利,即学即用。 ■后台播放,锁屏状态可继续听读。 ■同步点读功能,即点即学,随时随地。 ■语音播放灵活,让学生听得更加清楚。 英才系列有声课本学习机,完全同步教材制作,内容完全一致,是一本十分方便的智能电子课本,该课本配有生动的语音,能随时随地帮忙学生更好的学习。 该应用界面美观,让学生在舒适的环境下学习,能点,能读,更能说,是中小学生的好老师、好家长。 九年级上册目录: Unit 1 The Changing World  TOPIC 1 Our country has developed rapidly. TOPIC 2 The population in developing countries is growing faster. TOPIC 3 The world has changed for the better.  Review of Unit 1 Unit 2 Saving the Earth  TOPIC 1 Population causes too many problems.  TOPIC 2 All these problems are very serious.  TOPIC 3 What can we do at home to protect the environment? Review of Units 1-2 Unit 3 English Around the World  TOPIC 1 English is widely spoken throughout the world.  TOPIC 2 English is spoken differently different countries. TOPIC 3 Could you give us some advice on how to learn English well?   Review of Unit 3 Unit 4 Amazing Science TOPIC 1 When was it invented? TOPIC 2 I'm excited about the things that will be discovered in the future. TOPIC 3 China is the third nation that sent a person into space. Review of Units 3-4 Notes to the Texts Grammar Words and Expressions in Each Unit Vocabulary Attached Word List/English Names/Names of Places Irregular Verbs 九年级下册目录: Unit 5 China and the World TOPIC 1 China attracts millions of tourists from all over all over the world. TOPIC 2 He is really the pride of China.  TOPIC 3 Now it is a symbol of England. Review of Unit 5 Unit 6 Entertainment and Friendship TOPIC 1 I would rather watch sports shows than those ones. TOPIC 2 Who is your favorite character in literature? TOPIC 3 I will remember our friendship forever. Review of Units 5-6 Notes to the Texts Grammar Words and Expressions in Each Unit Vocabulary Attached Word List/English Names Names of Places/American English and British English Irregular Verbs Phrases and Structures