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Schule: Shared Todo & Homework

Schule: Shared Todo & Homework

Di Shazia Khan

  • Categoria: Productivity
  • Prima Release: 2019-05-14
  • Versione: 1.05
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Dimensioni: 33.33 MB
  • Sviluppatore: Shazia Khan
  • Compatibile: Richiede iOS 11.0 o versioni successive.
  • 4,49 € Download


Schule is not just another app in the App Store. It is a powerful yet simple and intuitive homework and task management app for kids of any age as well as for busy families who love to keep everything organized. While creating Schule, we reflected on things we always wanted in an app that can manage your daily schedule for school, home or work, lets you collaborate and work together on a task, assign it to someone like your kids or to a school friend and monitor their progress. At the same time we wanted something that just blends in with iOS and iCloud seamlessly, so that you are automatically setup to use Schule from the start, that means no more sign up screens and giving away your email for sign up. Everything lives on your device or in your iCloud. Your data stays private, secure and you decide when to share and who to share it with. Schule Features: * ToDos - Schule Todos offers simple, powerful and best task management with ability to share ToDos with friends and family and work together on them at the same time. You can assign ToDos to different categories or assign them to Pods to share them with multiple people. * Homework - There’s nothing better than learning the art of organization and task management at an early age. Homework allows you to save things you have in mind for school or home. Categorize them by subject. If you need help with a particular homework, share it with friends or family. Take a picture of your homework, attach it to the task so that others can see it. They can update the homework task and you can see their updates in real-time. But it just doesn’t end here... * In app messaging - to discuss more details on the shared homework task. Create a conversation around it. Share it with multiple people and it’s automatically a group conversation between all the share participants. * iOS push notifications - send you a gentle reminder when a task becomes due or when your shared task gets updated by share participants or when someone sends you a message on your shared Homework task. * Organize further and add your Homework, School work or ToDos to a List. Share the List with multiple iCloud users and all items in the List get shared with them automatically. Get realtime push notifications when other share participants make updates to your assigned tasks. You can monitor their progress and updates in realtime. * College Information is another important and great feature of Schule - If you are already planning for college. Schule can help you in your research for US colleges and see their information made available by US Department of Education. * Search colleges by name or their location such as state or zip code. * See their past SAT and ACT scores and determine the average acceptance criteria. * See cost of tuition and courses offered by them. * If you are interested in seeing where they are situated, view their location on a map. * Schule makes working on boring tasks fun and collaborative. You are not alone anymore when you start sharing. * Schule lets your socialize and gets things done. * Possibilities are endless - what tasks you want to create, who you want to share them with. How Schule works: * All you need is an iPhone running the appropriate iOS version. * No signup or iCloud account necessary to use the app. * The moment you install the app you are all set. * However, using iCloud enhances your experience. You get automatic sync of your data between your multiple iOS devices using the same iCloud account. You can save college results to view them later. You can share tasks, assign chores, create conversations around shared tasks, collaborate and what not. Schule is offered as a one time purchase and it's yours on both iPhone and iPad. Visit us http://www.schuleapp.com View our privacy policy at http://www.schuleapp.com/termsandprivacy/