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Di Toast Studio Australia

  • Categoria: Games
  • Prima Release: 2019-05-14
  • Versione: 2.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Dimensioni: 86.66 MB
  • Sviluppatore: Toast Studio Australia
  • Compatibile: Richiede iOS 12.4 o versioni successive.
  • 2,29 € Download


Still trying to find the right combination of dice to show your health? Jotting down every change on a notepad? Lifecast gets out of your way so you can focus on winning the game not counting your health. Magic. No distractions. Made to keep the game at the center of the experience. Only see what's essential while never missing the details. ​ Game in style. Your style. Lifecast now comes with 19 beautifully crafted themes to choose from no matter your taste or preference, and if that's not enough you can now add your own custom backgrounds. ​ We'll count, you play. How many poison counters did you have? What was that planeswalker's loyalty? Lifecast comes with 14 different counters to help you track what's important. ​ No surprises for this commander. Now with dedicated support for the Commander format, never lose track of how much commander damage you've taken. ​ Never short a coin, dice only a tap away. Travel light? Forgot your favorite dice? Not to worry, Lifecast now has a built in dice roller and coin flipper, ready to go anytime you need a lucky roll.