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Cargo Optimizer Max 3

Cargo Optimizer Max 3



First mobile container/truck/pallet loading application, support to multiple sizes of cargo per loading, max 3 items (cargo size) per loading. Simulate loading of your cargo in minutes, not hours or days! Maximize your shipping with boxes and container/truck/pallet and save money and time. - Lower shipping costs per unit by loading more quantity - Save load/unload time and spend by using load patterns - Eliminate unnecessary waste of fuel (save fuel) - Make more profit by loading more cargo - Protect fragile cargo with limit orientation and placement - Keep customer relation good with rapid and accurate response to their enquiries Support for both Imperial (inch/lbs) and Metric (cm./kgs.) unit system (choose one system on first start) Cargo detail - define cargo type between carton, pallet and cylinder - define Cargo ID, Description - define Cargo size length, width and height or diameter and height for cylinder - define Cargo net weight and gross weight - limit cargo orientation in 3 directions - define pack (number of product in package) - define max stack (number of layer of cargo place on itself) - define pallet height (for pallet cargo) - define Must be on the floor option to limit cargo placement on floor only - define No other product on top to limit placement on top of cargo Container/Truck/Pallet detail - define container type between Container or pallet - choose from standard container/pallet type - define custom Container ID, Description - define container/pallet length, width and height - define max load line for reefer container (refrigerator) - define container/pallet maximum weight capacity - define pallet height (for pallet type) Shipment detail - define Shipment ID and details - define shipment date - choose container or pallet - choose cargo and define quantity - Maximum cargo size per shipment is 3 (Three) Calculation - allow/not allow overbase loading - use Ultimate calculation mode - Support to interlock / pinwheel load pattern - FILO (First In Last Out) loading style option. - Limit loaded cargo to container weight capacity option. Load view option - Display loading in 3D view - rotate to any view (360 degree) by use gesture control - Loading step control - Automatic rotate view around container - Cargo position view in 3D load view Report option - share with standard share data of iOS platform (save/share/email etc.) - Load plan with 8 loading step per page - Cargo Position report. Load result - Show all necessary information - List of top loading pattern with option to choose any load pattern - Loading step will all necessary data Setting - User can define report paper size between A4 and US letter More details please visit : http://www.cargooptimizer.com/
 For questions or feedback email us @ [email protected]